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"I was born, raised in China. I graduated from Xiamen University in China.

I have not only lived through the central government Planning economy model in Chairman MaoZeDong's era, but also experienced first hand the following economic liberalization and reform toward market economy. It took place in the early 1980's under post-Mao leader DengXiaoPing.

I have since eye-witnessed the dramatic changes and leaps that have happened in the Chinese's every day life, and the rise of China as an economic powerhouse in the global economy.

I still remembered those days that we needed stamps to buy almost everything, sugar, oil, rice, meat, eggs, fabric for clothes, coal for heating and cooking...... Nowadays, urban Chinese start to worry about their overweight and plan overseas tours to see the wonders of the world.

After decades of isolation from the rest of the world, China finally opened up to allow and encourage the accumulation of personal wealth and the operation of private businesses. It is amazing to see how the open market approach has activated the creativity and unleashed the entrepreneurship among Chinese.

I have participated in and contributed to the enormous economic development in China, and has over 16 years of experience working in China in the fields of sourcing, manufacturing, exportation and factory management. "

About our office in China

Our China office is located in Fuzhou, Fujian province. Click this link for contact information.

Our office was set up for the purpose of research, easy communication and most important of all, for the follow up and follow through with manufacturers. We know how to push to get things done with Chinese manufacturers. No kidding.

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Wen Yan- China Sourcing and Manufacturing Specialist
Wen Yan -
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Chinese idiom
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Ten years to grow a tree;
a hundred years to cultivate a person.

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