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On this page, We list some products that we have worked on. We will walk you through all the procedures from phase one to phase five on each product, and explain how they transform from designs and conceptions to their physical existence.

We will also address a concern people usually have, "How do you know how to source such a diversity of products?"

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Promotion cup

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Walking sticks

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Luxurious blanket

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Promotion cap
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Promotion caps
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Our previous product
UBOlite lightbulb

Ceramic cups for promotion - custom cup size & color, custom logo & decal.

Phase One: This project started from an idea. Our client wanted to do a give-away promotion on the specialty tea they were marketing, cups came to their mind. We researched and presented many cup shapes for their consideration and choice. The shape in the picture was chosen. As you can see from the picture, it has a unique feature of the inner round cavity with a square outlined body.

Phase Two: In order to get the ideal volume(14oz) for the cup, we need to do new molds. Our client provided the artwork on the decal. Prototypes were then made with custom green color, custom decal, custom logo.
Problem encountered: The decal did not come out nice due to the low resolution of the picture in the artwork.
Solution: Our client re-designed the artwork. The second run of prototypes with new decal were satisfactory.

Phase Three to Five: Production ran smoothly. We arranged to palletize the goods before shipping out from China. The shipment arrived in good condition, no cup was broken. Our client was happy with the quality of the cups and they saved 59%! See testimonial.

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Resealable pouches - packaging for dried berries

Phase One: This project started from a pouch sample of a similar kind without a see through window. Our client wanted to have a see through window, but don't want to sacrifice on the shelf life of the content. We set out to do research respectively. We provided "what is available in China", they worked on "What is new in the US", the combination of the information collected helped paint a clear picture. The decision was quickly made on the specification of the plastic film used for the pouch .

Phase Two to Five: Our client provided the artwork for pouch printing. During the production, the Key Monitor Issue was the color accuracy. In addition to the regular process color, there were additional pantone colors involved. And that was our focus when we monitored the production.
Results: Our client were very happy with the products. The colors were vibrant, the quality was good, and they save 69%! See testimonial.

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Nordic Walking sticks - custom color & logo

Phase One: Our client wanted to buy Nordic walking sticks from China. After our research and due diligence on all sorts of manufacturers, we presented several good quality samples at great prices for client's choice. We also provided a few options on each component for their consideration.

Phase Two: The prototyping ran twice to have the logo and color printing on the sticks to be satisfactory.

Phase Three to Five: Our client were able to place a smaller size of order through us than they did on their own with Chinese manufacturer directly, freeing up their resources to focus on marketing. They were happy with the products.

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Plastic Parts by injection molding

Phase One: These products started from drawings provided by the clients. We picked right manufacturers with a focus on economic tooling costs, good processing quality and product cost efficiency.

Phase Two: Tooling and Prototyping. Tools/molds were built according to client's drawings. Then mold-test-run samples were provided for client's approval before mass production started.

Phase Three to Five: Mass production for products that entered phase three ran smoothly.

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Caps, Blankets & Others

Blankets: Custom color, thickness, size, logo
Caps: Custom fabric, custom embroidered logo, custom size

How do you know how to source such a diversity of products?

Good question! We would like to explain from two angles.

Firstly, the pieces vs. whole approach. Manufacturing is a tightly interwoven and highly interdependent world. No manufacturer can produce every single part of your product under its own roof, it relies on the vast network of other manufacturers for supplies of parts and components.

Take the pouch we listed above for an example. It is just a plastic bag, how many suppliers need to be involved to make such a bag from the standpoint of the pouch manufacturer? The bag material is a compound of three layers of different plastic films, so we need a supplier of plastic films, then a supplier of colors for the printing process, a zipper supplier, a die supplier, a print plate workshop, a film output center for the artwork, a carton manufacturer to supply the packing cartons, plus the pouch manufacturer itself, we are talking about EIGHT manufacturers involved!

Now, must the pouch manufacturer have all the specialized knowledge in all the fields of his suppliers so he can produce pouches? Of course NOT. But what he must know is to locate all those qualified suppliers, and leverage on the expertise of each supplier to provide quality material or parts, so he can produce pouches with good quality. As technology advances and new materials enter the market on a daily basis, he also needs to be able to adapt and upgrade.

Now, let us have a closer look within the manufacturers. There are many departments under the roof, designing, engineering, production, machinery maintenance, purchasing, HR etc. Do you think the CEO who runs the manufacturing facility masters all the specialized skills in all of his departments? The answer is no in most cases. That is why they have designers, engineers, technicians, mechanists etc. in house. The CEO oversees the overall well being of the business. In addition to seeing all the pieces, he also sees the whole picture, and he also needs to see if any piece is missing or needs to be added for the well being and growth of the whole.

It actually goes back to the big picture thinking we mention on the How we work page. Our work requires the ability of knowing how to break a project/product into bits and pieces, locating these pieces and putting them together. It also requires the ability to spot the missing piece or missing link and find the solution. It helps in the process of picking the right manufacturers for your products, it also helps in solving problems side by side with manufacturers.

Secondly, the governing law in Chinese manufacturing is the same for products in all categories. On the surface, it looks like different materials going through different processing method, producing different end products. You take a piece of metal sheet, apply the stamping and tempering process, you get knifes. Or, you take plastic granules, through injection process, you get plastic containers. But the law governing the manufacturing is the same, the underlying pattern is the same. Once you understand how the system works, it becomes easy to see the same pattern repeat time and again no matter what material, processing and end products are.

Summing it up, when you understand the fundamentals of the Chinese manufacturing, it is not surprising being able to work on a big diversity of products. Plus, we have been learning the Chinese manufacturing for 16 years, and we are still learning it every day.

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