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Services and Pricing Structure

Our services include:
1. Custom manufacturing in China.
2. Sourcing in China
3. Printing in China, visit our printing site

On this page, we will explain in details the procedures of custom manufacturing, and the pricing structure.

Our service of custom manufacturing in China includes the following six procedures :

In detailed explanation:

Free consultation. We provide a free telephone consultation, a $200 value, with No obligation for you. Feel free to contact us via email or telephone to schedule an appointment for consultation.

The purpose of the consultation is for us to understand you, your needs, your products, your ideas, your concepts, your vision, where you are now, where you want to go next, how we can best assist you. It takes generally 30 minutes. To make the best use of our time in the consultation, please email us in advance information about you, your business, your products or your ideas. (Please rest assured that all your information are very safe with us. See our privacy policy.) We will then ask questions in the consultation from our standpoint, so we can have a whole picture of what you want to achieve. It is very important for us to have a complete and clear understanding of your goal, so we can put our knowledge and expertise to use and do the thinking in your shoes for you.

We will also evaluate the time and effort needed in your project and quote accordingly. We explain below my pricing structure, see if it makes sense to you.

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Phase One: Research, products sourcing, manufacturer due diligence, manufacturer pick, quotation on your products, product details finalization.

We will research your specific industry in China paying close attention to your needs. We will sift through the ocean of Chinese manufacturers, assess which regional & local manufacturing environment would perform best for you, conduct manufacturer due diligence using our proprietary analysis system Manufacturer Qualification Criteria(MQC), locate the most suitable manufacturers, negotiate prices and terms on your behalf. You may ask: how do you know what price to negotiate? The answer is, we know. Click on how we work link to see the detailed explanation. It is worth pointing out again that price alone is meaningless without the context of quality and risk management. We focus on a balance of these three factors, price, quality and risk-free. We believe this balance is for your best and most interest.

If you are at the product development stage, this is the time we assess all production options, and make suggestions on how to make it cheaper and easier in mass production. We will work closely with you to make necessary adjustments and to finalize all details to best suit your needs. By the end of Phase One, we should have come to a clear picture with these pieces put together:

  • The right manufacturer to work with.
  • If any tooling is needed, if yes, the cost of tooling.
  • Product details are finalized.

When we feel that we have done a thorough work on your project, we will then proceed to prepare quotes on your products for your review and consideration.

How long is the lead time? There is no standard answer, it takes from days to weeks depending on your project.

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Phase Two: Prototyping and sampling

Once you green-light to proceed further, we will move into phase two of prototyping and sampling. If a tooling is needed, we need to first have the tooling opened, before any prototypes or samples can be made. In general, tooling lead time is one month.

Phase two is critical. This is the time when we usually encounter and discover most if not all major technical issues, production problems or quality imperfections. And this is the time to have all of them resolved to ensure a smooth mass production in the future. We will work closely with manufacturers and offer our help in the problem-solving. Our extensive knowledge and experience in sourcing & manufacturing have served well in helping manufacturers resolve various issues they encounter. Read a story on this: how we helped manufacturers in their production.

As soon as the samples and prototypes are ready, we will courier them back to the US for your approval. It is worth pointing out that it is not unusual that sometimes the prototypes need to travel back and forth several times between the U.S. and China, to have every detail changed or improved the way you see fit. Rest assured that you will get our full co-operation till you get satisfactory results.

Again, there is no standard answer to the lead time of Phase Two.

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Phase Three: Production monitor and quality assurance

This is the mass production phase. We keep in constant touch with manufacturers to check on the status of raw material preparation, production scheduling, production progress, quality control & packaging.

Along the way working closely with the manufacturer in phase one and two, we will have already come to our conclusion of the Key Monitor Issues for your product in mass production. We will pay special attention to the Key Monitor Issues, and monitor the whole process carefully to ensure high quality products.

When necessary, our staff will perform inspection after production is finished, before shipping.

Generally speaking, production lead time in China is one month.

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Phase Four: Exportation from China & Overseas shipping

We will handle the exporting documentation and the Chinese Customs clearance, book sea freight, and ship your goods back to the US. We know how to keep cost low on every procedure involved.

The duration of overseas shipping from China to the US is usually two to three weeks by sea.

Phase Five: Importation into the US and Delivery to your address

We will handle the importing documentation, the US Customs clearance, the import duties, and deliver the goods to your designated address. We will keep costs as low as possible.

Please allow two weeks on the importation procedures and the truck-shipping time before you receive your goods at your address.

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Pricing Structure

Just like almost everything in life, the start-up of any project is always time-consuming and energy-consuming. It is even more so if what we do is to develop a product from a conception or a design to its physical existence. It is not unusual that sometimes it takes a few months to work on the prototyping and the improvement before we can get the products mass produced, especially when there are toolings involved.

In general, we will present three quotes.

  • Quote on Phase One: This is for our work on our research, manufacturer due diligence, picking the right manufacturer to best suit your needs, price negotiation and preparing quotes on your product and tooling, if any.
  • Quote on Phase Two: This is for our effort and time needed working closely with manufacturers in prototyping and sampling to ensure satisfactory results for you.
  • Quote on your products: This quote covers Phase Three, Four, Five. It consists of product manufacturing cost, overseas shipping cost, exportation and importation fees, Customs duties, and our keep-to-the-minimum management charge on our monitor and coordination of all activities in the three phases.

Benefits you get from our pricing structure

By separating the startup cost on phase one and two from your product cost, which you will regularly purchase, you enjoy the benefit of not having to pay for the startup cost every time you place repeat orders, and I believe this strategy will help you reap the maximum benefits of manufacturing your products in China in the long run.

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Next step:

Click on the Case study link to see our further explanation of Phase One to Five using products that we have worked on as examples.

Click on the FAQs link to see frequently asked questions and answers.

If you haven't visited the How we work link, please click on it now, it will greatly deepen your understanding of manufacturing in China.

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