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If you need references, please email us , we will gladly provide the contact information.

"I enjoy the PEACE OF MIND working with Wen. We were very happy with the quality of the products, and of course the wonderful savings. We saved 63 % on the Pouches, 59 % on the Cups.

She also helped us in the product development. I can count on her to think in our shoes. She functioned as a major part of our project team, helping with design, planning, overseeing the time table, cost controlling, coordination, etc. You name it. She can be my project manager any time.

We definitely will work with her again." 

Yanlin Teeguarden


"Wen liked to get things done, no nonsense. She was reliable and thoughtful. I enjoyed working with her. "

Zvi Brenner


"I worked with Wen on our dental specialties project. She was accountable, action- and detail-oriented. You can count on her to get things done. "

David Rudolph
Ph.D., M.S., DDS

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