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Who We Serve
On this page, you will learn if your business will benefit from our service. You'll also discover what you can expect from us, and we list some important factors that we want you to consider and see by yourself if your product is suitable for manufacturing in China.

Our Ideal Customers

  • A decisive entrepreneur. We admire people who are quick decision makers. Entrepreneurs are the fundamental driving force in America's economy. We love the fact that our knowledge and expertise can help you manufacture your products in China in a cost efficient way. We are proud that our effort will contribute to the achievement of your vision.

  • An action-oriented person. We highly respect people who are committed to delivering results. We like "movers and shakers". Together, we get things done.
    We love this quote from Ted Hurlbut, " For any business, large or small, success can be defined as that point where clear-headed strategy intersects with precise execution."

  • A forward-thinking and a preventive-thinking person. We enjoy working with people who choose to deal with important matters when they are not yet urgent, rather than waiting till they become an emergency. The ability to think ahead in business is critical to the success of any business.

What To Expect From Us

  • Our goal: help you achieve huge savings through manufacturing in China.

  • Peace of mind for you, knowing that we will think in your shoes and watch out for your best interest in China.

  • No empty talk. Just results. Count on us to get things done.

  • We value honesty and integrity in business. Business is an extension of the people who conduct the business. The way we do anything is the way we do everything.

  • Reliable service. We always return your phone calls and emails.

  • Personalized service. We watch out for your best interests in China. We believe in fair transactions and mutual benefits for all parties involved.

  • Turnkey manufacturing and sourcing service for your business. You don't need to learn to speak Chinese. We ship your products back to the US and deliver them right to your door.

  • Risk free manufacturing of your products in China. We know what we are doing. You have everything to gain by taking advantage of what China has to offer as the world's largest factory.

  • High quality products. You would not want poor quality products no matter how cheap they are, would you?

  • Cost efficiency to add to your bottom line results.

  • Detail-oriented service. We pay a lot of attention to the details, so you don't have to.

  • 16 years of first hand experience and study of the Chinese manufacturing sector. We are still learning every day.

  • In-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the Chinese manufacturing. Thanks to our experience of running our own factory in China.

  • Our proprietary analysis system on the due diligence of Chinese manufacturers to ensure risk-free manufacturing. See detailed explanation.

  • Problem-solving attitude. We love solving problems and creating a great solution. Through solving problems, we make great products, wouldn't you agree?

  • Big picture thinking. We have the map of the entire Chinese industrial belt "engraved" in our mind. We take pride in our "elevated perspective" when searching for answers. We don't limit myself to local or regional thinking. We think national in scope. In other words, we search all of China for answers. See our story.

  • Perfect grasp of the Chinese mindset. It's vitally important to understand the mindset of the people, not just the Chinese factory owners', but also the Chinese factory workers'. We consider them to be the causes behind all the effects.

  • In-depth understanding of the Chinese tradition and custom. The ability to hear the unspoken words, to read between the lines, and to comprehend the subtext is an important skill in doing business in China.

  • "Inside out" approach. As a previous manufacturer, we can easily understand other manufacturers' situations, concerns and their expectations. By discovering common ground, we can achieve effective communication and results. Therefore, it helps to ensure healthy business relationships and smooth co-operation with all manufacturers.

  • We provide product R&D assistance and manufacturing suggestions. We offer our insight from our 16 years of field experience on how to make it cheaper and easier in mass production, and reduce the possibility of human mistakes.

  • Handling and management of exportation from China.

  • Management of shipping from overseas to your door.

  • Handling of Importation in the USA and the Customs clearance.

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Some Important Factors to Consider when it comes to manufacturing in China.

Not every product is good for outsourcing. We have listed some factors below as a general guideline and see by yourself if offshore manufacturing is an option worth exploring for you.

  • Long term products are the best candidate for offshore manufacturing. They are products that you will place repeat orders on. The more you order, the bigger the savings for you.

  • A product with a good order size is also good for outsourcing, not necessarily a long term item with repeat orders. For example, a promotion item. Again, it is the same reason, bigger volume brings you bigger savings.

  • Manufacturers' minimum order quantity(MOQ) requirement. Manufacturers are mass producers. They do wholesale. So if you need a really small quantity to start with, you will be better off just have them made in the U.S., when your volume gets bigger, then consider China. That being said, the other way to look at it is, for the same amount you pay in US, you may be reaching the MOQ requirement since you pay less on the unit price of your products in China. Generally speaking, the bigger the order size, the happier the manufacturers, the easier the cooperation.

  • Longer turn around time. After all, it is manufacturing your products in the other half of the globe. Assuming the actual production lead time is the same here in the U.S. as in China, it does take extra two to three weeks to ship your China-made products back to US for distribution.

  • Tooling. If there is tooling involved, then it makes your product a good candidate for manufacturing in China. Tooling in China is significantly lower.

  • It does take time and effort to make your product right in another country. So please plan ahead and allow reasonably enough time for prototyping. Please do plan some extra time for prototype modification and improvement. It sometimes takes more than one run to attend to all the details. Please also factor in the courier time needed between China and the US.

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Click on the Case study link to see our explanation on the entire process of our work using some products we have worked on as examples.


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